Best VPNs for watching geo-blocked content on Netflix

I've tested 13 of the top VPNs to tell you which one is the best for watching Netflix with.

Are you looking for a VPN to watch Netflix with? A VPN provider who can allow you to unblock geo-restricted Netflix content?

In this article I’ve compared 2 VPNs to see whether I can:

A) access Netflix shows that are geo-restricted in my own country.


B) actually watch them in high resolution, with good speeds, and without too much buffering.

I will also periodically re-test these services in order to give you the most up to date information about which VPNs are good for watching Netflix with.

Results Summary

What are the best VPNs for watching geo-restricted Netflix shows and movies?

1st Place

Best for watching Netflix - null out of null countries unblocked

Private Internet Access

2nd Place

Recommended - 12 out of 15 countries unblocked


3rd Place

Recommended - 10 out of 15 countries unblocked